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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CERT  trains and organizes teams of volunteers that provide assistance to their communities before, during, and after disasters.

CERT volunteers help others following disasters when professional responders are not immediately available to help, and supplement and support the efforts of professional responders upon their arrival.


Volunteers also support emergency response agencies by organizing and participating in local preparedness projects and initiatives. The CERT program educates participants about how to prepare for hazards that may impact their communities and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

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Community Emergency Response Team training is offered twice a year in Green Valley/Sahuarita. The second session this year will begin on October 9th and sign-ups are now being accepted.


The training prepares residents with the skills and confidence to respond to emergencies and to assist the fire department in the event of a disaster. Classroom sessions and exercises include disaster preparedness, disaster psychology, disaster medical, light search and rescue and fire safety. The training is free and there is no requirement to become a CERT member.

New Online Training
GV CERT has begun using the new Online CERT training course. Take a look at this flyer to get more details.   For more information and to sign-up please visit our Contact page.  
CERT Online Courses April 2022

Hands-Only CPR with an AED Training is Available and Free
Learn how to perform life-saving Hands-Only CPR and how and why to use an AED. The Greater Green Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will deliver free training to HOAs, associations, and faith-based organizations at their location in the Green Valley area.


Training sessions will take about 60 minutes, depending on the size of the group (limited to a maximum of 10 students).  American Heart Association materials, including manikins, AED simulators, and an interactive video, will be used.  The training is for those who want to know how to perform CPR effectively but do not require a CPR Certificate, so there will be no exams.

To schedule the training or to request more information, go to and complete the Contact Us form.

Greater Green Valley CERT is the Regional Coordinator for Firewise USA®. This is a program of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to help neighbors get organized and take action to reduce the risk from wildfires. 

 From left to right:  Aaron Casem and Pedro Mungarro, AZ Department of Forestry and Fire Management, and Bonnie Myers and Dale Sonnenberg, La Canada Desert Homes I HOA.
 From left to right:  Aaron Casem and Pedro Mungarro, AZ Department of Forestry and Fire Management, and Bonnie Myers and Dale Sonnenberg, La Canada Desert Homes I HOA.

As the heavy growth from the recent Monsoon dries in our area, wildfire risk will increase. Here we are, facing another wildfire season with the potential to threaten Green Valley neighborhoods.   Recognizing the threat, Greater Green Valley CERT decided to bring Firewise USAR to our HOA’s. The program can be successful only with the support of HOA leaders.

On request, Department of Forestry and Fire Management officers will conduct wildfire risk assessments.  HOAs will receive a detailed report, including any recommendations for reducing wildfire risks. Based on the reports the HOAs can prepare action plans to address the risks. The goal is recognition as a Firewise USA® Site. The benefit to homeowners will be the knowledge that their HOA has done what it can to prevent a wildfire calamity. Further, at least one insurance company, USAA, offers a homeowners insurance discount for Firewise USA® sites.

For more information and to request an assessment go to the website and scan or click on the Firewise QR code. Don’t wait, this is the time when property managers anticipate the coming fire season and are requesting an assessment.