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Great Job folks! You are what GVFD is truly about.

We Love our Community and helping whenever and where ever we can! Here’s is a note from someone we had the chance to serve.

“THANK YOU!! Tuesday morning you were called to Mama’s Kitchen Restaurant to help my son, Kurt with a medical issue. You determined that because his B/P was so low that he needed to be transported to the VA Hospital. He explained that I (his mom) was shopping at Safeway and did not drive as I am able to walk only with a walker. You assured him that you would get me and the car home. When you came over to Safeway. I had finished shopping and was waiting to be checked out. I then realized that Kurt had my debit card in his pocket and would be unable to pay for groceries at this time. I instructed Cecile (checker) not to ring the groceries and she told me to wait a minute and went to speak to you. You and she both said they would take care of it and get me home. I asked who I should repay for the groceries and all you said was “It has been taken care of”. You not only paid for my items but put them away for me and also brought in 8 gallons of water that had been delivered and left at the front door. I asked again about reimbursing whoever paid for my groceries and was told “It has been taken care of”. Green Valley Paramedics/firefighters are truly the “Gold Standard” of all paramedics/firefighters everywhere. We are all very blessed to have you taking care of us.”

Nancy Zugates


The crew, C Shift, Station 152: Capt. Landman, Eng. Johnson, FF Rickard, FF Libby. Paramedic 150. FF Marlin and FF Zamora.

Great Job folks! You are what GVFD is truly about.